YONI FEMININE WASH (Gentle, Soothing Wash)

Image of YONI FEMININE WASH (Gentle, Soothing Wash)
Image of YONI FEMININE WASH (Gentle, Soothing Wash)
Image of YONI FEMININE WASH (Gentle, Soothing Wash)
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YONI FEMININE WASH (Gentle, Soothing Wash)

This Is a Feminine Hygiene Wash is made with Yogurt! it's a healthy probiotic that fights infection and balances your PH.

Yoni Wash is a natural, organic,
and gentle vaginal cleanser. Apply a small
amount of this organic wash on top of your
vagina, under your labia and throughout the
vulva for cleansing and maintaining vaginal ph and healthy flora.

•Cleansing formula
•Aloe vera & Yogurt
• Antibacterial, Anti-fungal, and Anti-viral
•Daily use

Foaming Apple It has powerful antimicrobial properties that may help ease skin infections and soothe irritation. As a mild acid, Foaming apple may also help restore the natural pH balance of your skin. This yoni wash has a 4.5 PH which is a normal ph range.

FACIAL CARE: To helps balances the skin, and tighten, and fight acne.

SENSITIVE SKIN CARE: 100% Safe for almost any skin types, this bar is gentle.

FEMININE CARE: This wash is safe to be used in your most private areas. This is to help balance your natural PH, Cleanse, and tighten your cheri!!!!

YONI FEMININE WASH Can be used all over face and body.

Natural Rose Scent that is gentle and non-irritated to our most sensitive parts.

No synthetic ingredients
No alcohols
No Synthetic fragrances
No synthetic dyes
No Perfumes

Unscented, Uncolored Feminine Hygiene Wash available for those that need more assurance for their lady parts.

Ingredients: Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Rose Water, Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera, Apple Cider, Cocamidopropyl betaine, natural mica, Rose Essential Oil

YONI FEMININE WASH (Gentle, Soothing Wash)
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