Herbal Bath Salt Blends (Organic) 24oz

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Herbal Bath Salt Blends (Organic) 24oz
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Natural Dead Sea Salt for the body. These salts are enriched with Dead Sea Minerals (Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Bromine, sulfur-to name a few) They clean, moisturize, soothe,nourish, and stimulate cell replenishment. Aromatic Dead Sea Salt heal cuts and are recommended for such skin conditions as: eczema, Psoriasis Treatment, scaly skin, allergic irritations, seborrhea, and skin rashs. Aromatic Dead Sea Salts can beum used to soothe swollen feet and relieve athlete's foot. In the bath the salts relieve mucle tension and leave the body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
The Organic Herbs, indulge in some self-care! What a great way to unwind takes away the stress while Detoxing and relaxing mind, body & soul with these herbal blends.
Prepare bath, add directly to warm waters. Place Organic Herbal Blend directly in Bath water a d ley sit a few minutes; soak in bath. Great for end of relaxation, and to ease tired and aching muscles.

Herbal Bath Salt Blends (Organic) 24oz
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